Vote Different – Your Pragmatic Libertarian Alternative to the Ds and Rs

Fed up with the polarization and dysfunction in Washington? Offended by the divisiveness of Trump and the irresponsibility of congressional Republicans? Appalled by the mobbing incivility and the ever-growing list of “free stuff” from congressional Democrats? Seeking something other than the politics of resentment and demonization being practiced on BOTH the Left and the Right in Washington?

If so, as described in this video, you have the opportunity on November 6 to vote different and send a pragmatic libertarian to Congress as a powerful swing vote in a split Congress: Me, David Lashar, who is…

1. Tolerant, responsible, and civil. Accomplished in both business and government. Thoughtful and innovative on the issues of the day.

2. A distinct alternative to the leftward-lurching Democratic incumbent, Rep. John Sarbanes, who after 12 years in the Congress has failed to register a single noteworthy accomplishment; who is pushing the big-government, low-quality list of “free stuff” advanced by Sanders / Jealous; who willfully rendered a third or more of his own constituents politically irrelevant so as to keep himself in office via gerrymandering; who has been stoking hysteria and polarization in Washington as the chair of a purely partisan task force launched by Rep. Nancy Pelosi in early 2017.

3. A distinct alternative to the Republican candidate, Charles Anthony, who has expressed himself to be an unqualified supporter of Donald Trump and has failed to offer ANY opinions or ideas on ANY of the issues of the day, whether on a website or social page of his own; whether in response to candidate surveys from the Baltimore Sun, League of Women Voters, etc.

I myself am standing as alternative to the D and R options for the Maryland 3rd Congressional District after coming to conclusion in late 2017 that our democracy is going to remain victim to a polarized and dysfunctional politics until such time as we escape the us-against-them two-party system that is no longer bringing us government that is representative of the American people. In other words, I finally came to see that the two established parties are no longer hearing or serving those who are regular people in America. These two parties therefore need to be abandoned by regular, decent, responsible voters.

After reaching this conclusion late last year, I decided to leave the GOP and join the Libertarian Party (LP). I joined the LP because it is the ONLY party that consistently respects the dignity of ALL individuals, regardless of race, gender, or sexuality; consistently insists on restraint and accountability from ALL authorities, whether government, corporations, or unions; and consistently resists coercion of ALL types, whether personal, commercial, or political.

Again, here is the link to the video.

And for convenience, here are links to two voter guides with my positions, along with a brief presentation on what is at stake in this election:

1. Baltimore Sun Voter Guide
2. League of Women Voters Election Guide
3. What’s at Stake this Election

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