What is a Libertarian?

In this video, I share my own definition of what it means to be a libertarian; on what attracted me to the movement and the party.

Which is: An abiding faith in individuals instead of the collective… a devotion to steadily advancing justice and prosperity while preserving liberty… a distrust of those who would use their power to tell others how to think and what to decide.

That’s my own version of libertarianism, which guides my social tolerance and fiscal responsibility on the issues. What’s yours?

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Reciting & Reflecting Upon the Pledge

In this video, I join my daughter to recite and reflect upon the Pledge of Allegiance. Written to teach children the values and aspirations for our country, the Pledge reminds adults as well that which is special about America. In my reflections on the words of the Pledge, I emphasize our shared community and future; our gift of power that is of, by, and for the people; our obligation to overcome the voices and forces of division; and our need to remain humble while also sustaining hope. I cite the lessons of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. as well as those of Abraham Lincoln.

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Might the Elusive Libertarian Moment be upon Us?

Pundits have long been predicting a “libertarian moment” in which the ideas of individual liberty and accountable government become predominant in society and politics.

That moment has yet to arrive.  To some minds, it has already passed. To others, it was never to be.

But with both the Democratic and Republican parties riven by faction and captive to their zealots, bringing us polarization and dysfunction in Washington, might not we be approaching a moment in which the stubborn political duopoly finally totters and falls?

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Restoring Pride & Civility

In this video, I remind us to take pride as Americans in our history, our people, and our institutions. We are by no means a perfect nation. But we enjoy a level of freedom, justice, and prosperity that is remarkable. When we debate the ways to be even better as a nation, we need to quit demonizing those who disagree with us. We need to engage in respectful, civil debate. That’s the only way to continue to progress steadily and sustainably in liberty, justice, and prosperity through the years, decades, and generations.

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Joining the LP

In this video, I talk about my decision to join the Libertarian Party (LP).  In short, I joined the LP because I found it to be the party uniquely devoted to personal freedom and accountable government… the party uniquely devoted to preserving liberties while steadily, sustainably advancing justice and prosperity… the party that is the proper home to socially tolerant, fiscally responsible persons such as myself.

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Leaving the GOP

In this video, I explain my reasons for leaving the Republican Party, even after serving proudly for over two years on Gov. Hogan’s team here in Maryland.  I am seeking, in short, to give voters an alternative to the entrenched two-party political system and options. The two-party system served us well in the 20th century. But it has become a duopoly and is failing us at the outset of the 21st.

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Introducing Lashar for Congress

In this video, I introduce my campaign and my reasons for running.  I am an accomplished technology executive and government official who is dismayed by the polarization and dysfunction in Washington. I am seeking to reach and represent the socially tolerant, fiscally responsible voters who find that the Democratic and Republican parties are no longer hearing or serving them. My campaign seeks to restore competition, choice, and turnover in politics; to strengthen freedom and accountability for individuals and institutions; and to bring decency and civility to political debate.

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A Petition against Discrimination: PragerU vs Google

Discrimination comes in many forms. One of which is the modern social media giants such as Facebook and Google prohibiting reasonable voices — not hateful, not exploitive, not violent — from having fair and necessary access to their platforms due to deviation from the “politically correct” agenda of Silicon Valley and the Progressive Left.

If you doubt that the media giants are abusing their power and posing a threat to our democracy, consider the case of Google’s restrictions on Prager University (PragerU), an organization that produces engaging five-minute videos on ideas that are libertarian, classical liberal, and conservative.

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