Authoritarianism: Soul-Crushing Whether from Left or Right

In this video, I draw upon my personal experience in the Soviet Union to summarize the problem with authoritarianism and collectivism, whether it is a socialism from the Left or a fascism from the Right. And the problem is: These ideologies and movements are soul-crushing… they are incompatible with human happiness… in sum, because they inevitably entrench a power elite that exploits the rest of society for its own protection and perpetuation.

This personal lesson for me is the general lesson from the history of the 20th century. We can no more allow ourselves a lurch to the oppressive, collectivist Left than we can allow a slide to the resentful, collectivist Right.

We need to remain vigilant against both types of authoritarianism, preserving the dignity and liberty of individuals while demanding both limits upon and accountability from authorities. Which is a lesson that seems to be lost upon the professors in our universities and the pundits in the mainstream media.

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