A Pragmatic Libertarian on the Issues

At the link below, please see my responses to The Baltimore Sun for its 2018 Voter Guide. In my responses, I provide assessments and critiques of both Trump and Obama, of both the Rs and the Ds, while expressing my own pragmatic libertarian ideas of tolerance, responsibility, and civility.

I also point out that my long-serving Democratic incumbent opponent, besides offering a sham proposal for campaign reform (see my Democracy in America video), gives no evidence of knowing about the innovative and proven Maryland Model for healthcare that provides a patient-centered, outcome-oriented, cost-controlled approach for reforming and eventually replacing ACA via a managed transition. Meantime, my GOP opponent continues to give no evidence of running an active campaign and presenting himself to the voters.

So, this year: Vote different! Vote for me as the tolerant, responsible, and civil alternative to the polarization and dysfunction in Washington.

Baltimore Sun Voter Guide: https://elections2018.news.baltimoresun.com/…/district-3/d…/

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