A Petition against Discrimination: PragerU vs Google

Discrimination comes in many forms. One of which is the modern social media giants such as Facebook and Google prohibiting reasonable voices — not hateful, not exploitive, not violent — from having fair and necessary access to their platforms due to deviation from the “politically correct” agenda of Silicon Valley and the Progressive Left.

If you doubt that the media giants are abusing their power and posing a threat to our democracy, consider the case of Google’s restrictions on Prager University (PragerU), an organization that produces engaging five-minute videos on ideas that are libertarian, classical liberal, and conservative.

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Slay the Gerrymander — No Excuses, No Delay

Devised explicitly and shamelessly to protect established parties and politicians from competition, the gerrymander disenfranchises regular voters and polarizes national politics.  The Maryland 3rd Congressional district, with a contorted and splayed shape drawn to keep Rep. John Sarbanes safe from competition, may be the worst gerrymander in the entire country.  The district proves from its sprawl, its intent, and its effect that the gerrymander has become a scourge.  As such, it must be slain.  Only a constitutional amendment will do.  No excuses, no delay.

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