For Better from Washington: It’s Lashar, not Sarbanes

In this video, I open my critique of the record and the ideas of my Democratic incumbent opponent, Rep. John Sarbanes. In the video, I speak to:

1. His lack of accomplishment after nearly 12 years in Congress,
2. His failure to present innovative ideas for healthcare reform,
3. His demonstrated contempt for the voting rights of his very own constituents,
4. His convoluted election-reform bill that will only reinforce the advantages that incumbents already possess over their challengers, and
5. His plunge into purely partisan politics ever since his appointment by Nancy Pelosi to run a Democratic political task force for never-ending bickering and sparring in Washington.

In forthcoming videos and posts, I will be elaborating. Rep. Sarbanes has had an extended opportunity to make a difference for the people of the Maryland 3rd Congressional District. He has, however, made no difference. And if anything, he is becoming ever more blindly partisan and ever more firmly devoted to the socially divisive and economically irresponsible policies of the radical and oppressive wing of the Democratic Party.

More to come. This is the beginning. From me, David Lashar, the only socially tolerant and fiscally responsible candidate for the Maryland 3rd Congressional District. The only candidate who, being neither a Democrat nor a Republican in a divided Congress, will amplify the voice of… and make a difference for… the people of the Maryland 3rd, if elected by them to Congress this November.

Click here to see video.

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