For Democracy in America: It’s Lashar, not Sarbanes

In this video, I compare my own proposals for preserving democracy in America to those of my incumbent Democratic opponent, Rep. Sarbanes, who conspired in 2011 to render the votes of 1/3 or more of his own constituents meaningless through gerrymandering that protects him from political competition; who is proposing a deceiving election-reform bill that would only reinforce the advantages that incumbents already possess over their challengers; and who is perpetuating and intensifying the polarization in Washington by running a task force established by Nancy Pelosi in 2017 for partisan bickering, sniping, and sparring.

My own priorities and proposals are for a nationwide end to gerrymandering; for term limits that would not only create turnover in Congress but would also strike boldly at the influence of money and the power of party bosses in Washington; for increased ballot access for new political parties as well as all eligible individuals; and for vigilant protection of our rights to free assembly, free speech, and due process.

By standing as a third-party alternative to the Democratic and Republican candidates in the Maryland 3rd Congressional District, I am also providing opportunity for my neighbors to invigorate democracy in America by sending a new voice… a tolerant, responsible, and civil voice… to Washington for speaking sense and seeking cooperation in our dysfunctional, resentful capital.

Click here to see the video.

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