Make a Difference: My Campaign & My Endorsements!

We’re down to the final weekend before election day. If you’re supporting my campaign and me, I’d ask that you also let your friends and family know about my campaign, so that they might consider adding their support… their votes!… to yours. For which, this flyer summarizes my message and provides an organized set of links to my videos and my statements on the issues.

Please share and use the flyer as you see fit!

But besides promoting my own campaign, I wanted to share that for the first time in my life, consistent with my constant encouragement for EVERYONE to think and vote different so that we can escape the appalling polarization of modern two-party politics, I myself will be voting for a mix of Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents on Tuesday. From which mix, I want to give a few endorsements.

First and foremost are the candidates in the Libertarian Party with whom I’ve become good friends over the last several months: Shawn Quinn for Governor, David Bishop for the MD 4th CD, Jenica Martin for the MD 1st CD, Chris Wallace for State Senate District 30, and Doug Stanley for Baltimore County Council. I strongly encourage consideration and support of all LP candidates… but these five are the five whom I’ve come to know best during this election cycle… and whom I support most heartily.

Next and finally are a D and an R.

The D is Peter Franchot for Comptroller. He is very far indeed from needing any further endorsements… but for those that don’t know the roles of the Comptroller and the Board of Public Works in keeping Maryland’s finances in order, and/or don’t know the force for common sense and accountability that Franchot has been, I encourage you to do some quick research and give him your support.

The R is Craig Wolf for Attorney General. From meeting him on the campaign trail and reviewing his positions, I find him to be a good person… a decent and civil person… with the experience and qualifications and demeanor and relationships that will enable him to be an outstanding AG for the people of Maryland. Which from personal experience when I served in top posts in the Hogan administration, I have not found the incumbent Democrat, Brian Frosh, to have been.

Frosh is surely a decent individual… I have never heard otherwise and I am not suggesting otherwise. But in my own dealings with his office when I worked for Gov. Hogan, I found the office to be far too politically motivated… and the performance in court in front of judges to be far too weak… for me to be able to support Frosh for AG, especially when I see the ads and read the news articles in which he takes credit for achievements for which the credit is properly due to Gov. Hogan’s team.

Yes, for example, the AG’s office has played a part in responding to the opioid crisis… again, I’m not saying otherwise… but it has been a bit part… a routine part at best… with all of the innovative thinking on policy, and all of the hard work on budgets and agreements and systems and services, having been done by the Governor’s team. Politics and partisanship in the AG’s office is not what we need. I therefore endorse Craig Wolf for AG.


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