A Technology Executive

with Government Experience

who Seeks to Restore Civility & Hope

Why am I running?

  1. Concerned that our liberty and prosperity are in jeopardy due to encroaching government and mounting debt…
  2. Appalled by the intolerance and polarization of politics as being practiced in the established national parties; in the mainstream and social media; and on college campuses; and…
  3. Committed to the libertarian ideas of protecting individual freedom and dignity; promoting personal and institutional accountability; and preserving civility in society and politics…

…I am seeking election to the Maryland 3rd Congressional District (U.S. House of Representatives) as nominee of the Maryland Libertarian Party .

What is my professional background?

Manufacturing & Technology

  • Worked as a Line Supervisor and a Re-Manufacturing Manager for Xerox after graduating business school.
  • Joined the Xerox global Y2K team as a systems analyst.
  • Became a business analyst, technical developer, and project manager for a sequence of “dotcom” companies in the early e-business era.
  • Joined IBM’s consulting business as a project manager and rose to executive level, helping companies in the high-technology and automotive industries to plan and implement systems for customer interaction, insight, and satisfaction.
  • Served as an executive for turnarounds and transformations at a sequence of small-to-medium-sized growth companies backed by private equity.
  • Compiled a record of accomplishment and achievement as summarized in this summary business profile.

Politics, Policy, & Government

  • Entered politics as a researcher on the Dole for President 1988 campaign.
  • Worked four years as a policy analyst and director at a “think tank” in the U.S. Congress, developing specialties in infrastructure policy and economic competitiveness.
  • Served as a Commissioner on the Maryland Transportation Commission in 2015-2017.
  • Joined the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) in 2016 as Chief Information Officer (CIO), stabilizing and modernizing IT infrastructure, applications, and operations.
  • Served as Chief of Staff and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at MDH in 2017, executing a program of operational excellence across the Department on behalf of Gov. Hogan and Sec. Schrader.
  • Shifted to a transformation role at MDH in early 2018, narrowing focus to major IT initiatives and capabilities; to programs and services that support those who suffer mental illness and substance use disorders (SUDs).

What is my personal background?

Born in York, PA, in 1963.  Grew up in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

Went to Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, majoring in Russian Studies while running cross-country and track.

Spent early professional years in Washington, DC, working on a presidential campaign and becoming a policy analyst.

Went to business school at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.

Pursued career in manufacturing and technology in Rochester, NY, and Boston, MA.

Moved to Arundel on the Bay in Annapolis in 2006.

Living happily in Annapolis with wife of 12 years and daughter who is in elementary school.

What are my educational degrees?

Bachelor of Arts, Dartmouth College, 1985.

Master of Science in Industrial Administration (MBA), Carnegie Mellon University, 1994.