Thank You!

I wanted to give a quick thank-you to my supporters and followers. In a tough day for minor parties and independents across Maryland, my own campaign did well. I’ve been honored to receive your support. I’ve striven in all that I’ve done in the campaign to make you, my supporters, proud by remaining true to my principles and civil in my demeanor.

My own quick take on the results from yesterday is that the Ds received the rebuke for their excesses via the results in the U.S. Senate and even the U.S. House, where their electoral performance did not meet the forecasts or norms. Meantime, the Rs received the rebuke for their fealty to Trump by losing the U.S. House and taking a beating, at least here in Maryland, in races at the state and local levels.
The exception to the foregoing would of course be the resounding re-election of Gov. Hogan, who ran against the hyper-partisanship coming from Washington. In his own words, he rode a “purple surfboard” to a second term. Which, along with my own encouraging experiences with regular people while on the campaign trail, gives me faith that we can indeed escape the polarization and dysfunction that is coming from Washington, because the divisiveness there is not representative of who most Americans are; is not representative of what most Americans want.
So, keep the faith! Make a commitment to finding and supporting candidates who are offering an alternative to the appalling politics coming from Washington. Tell those in the media and at our civic organizations that you want to hear from more voices than they are currently bringing to you. And set an example for others by extending courtesy and refraining from incivility in all your interactions with others, whether on “social” media or elsewhere, especially when engaging with those whose politics or ideas may differ from your own.

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