Donald Trump, the Modern GOP, and the Modern Left — Time to Vote Different

In this video, I provide my critique of Donald Trump and the modern GOP, explaining why I myself left the party earlier this year.  Below in this post, I also critique the over-reaction by the modern Left to Trump.  All of which polarization and dysfunction is probably inevitable until such time as we escape the modern two-party system.  It is time to vote different.

In part, I left the GOP due to the divisiveness of Trump. In part, due to the GOP’s complicity in our runaway national debt. In part, due to the absence of innovative or common-sense ideas on issues such as healthcare and immigration.  In part, due to the GOP history of excessive intrusions and restrictions upon individual lifestyles and personal choices.

On Trump, I feel compelled to state after the extraordinary ugliness surrounding the Kavanaugh nomination that while the president IS a supreme narcissist and a shameless opportunist… and he IS failing, as did Barack Obama before him, to be the conciliatory leader whom we as a nation of diverse people, interests, and ideas need in order to preserve our sense of shared community… he is NOT a fascist, and he is NOT the devil.

Thus, it is NOT OK to abandon civility and restraint in the cause of combatting him, his policies, and his nominees. It is NOT OK to adopt contempt and hostility toward the institutions and protections of our Constitution in response to losing elections and votes to him. And it is NOT OK to respond to his particular version of identity politics and tribalism with an opposing version of identity politics and tribalism. All of the foregoing from the modern Left is as demeaning and divisive and dangerous as anything that Trump himself has said or done.

With polarization and dysfunction in Washington only getting worse, those who are temperate and responsible, whether traditionally voting D or traditionally voting R, need to do that which I myself did about a year ago in respect to my lifetime political affiliation. They need to re-evaluate. They need to ask themselves whether they have become complicit in a politics and a party that is making the country worse instead of better. They need to open themselves to alternatives. They need to consider voting different.

That’s how I myself came to leave the GOP and stand for Congress: To be the kind of tolerant, responsible, and civil candidate that I was seeking but not finding on the ballot; to be a pragmatic libertarian who provides a credible alternative to the Ds and Rs and can be a powerful swing vote in a divided U.S. House of Representatives.

If you yourself are appalled by the polarization and dysfunction in Washington, vote different this year. To continue to vote D or R as you’ve always done, and to expect a better result from Washington, is simply to perpetuate the vitriol and mess from which we all are suffering.

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